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 555 applications
 Bipolar and unipolar versions
 Principle and device operation

 Capacitor charging and discharging
 555C as monostable circuit
 Monostable circuit with repeated triggering
 Start-stop circuit with 555C
 555C as astable circuit
 555C as astable circuit with different duty cycle
 555C as astable circuit with blocking
 CV input function in monostable and astable circuit

 Information to following constructions
 Melody Bell
 Super Torch
 Don't Sleep
 Colour LED
 Countdown Clocks
 Touch Controlled Switch
 Single Bell Sound
 Light Snake
 Electronic Cuckoo
 Touch Button
 Water Level Indicator
 IR Bar
 Catch Me!
 Signal Generator
 Mains Fault Switch
 Overspeed Indicator
 MW AM Receiver
 Temperature Regulator
 Funky Drummer
 Alarm System
 Voltage Indicator
 Door Controller
 Melody Shortening
 Alarm System For Specialists
 Move Direction Indicator
 Quartz Crystal Oscillator
 Radio Timer
 Power Supply

 558: Bipolar, but ...
 5555: Name and device is correct!
 Recommended and reference literture
 Editorial information

Appendix A Basic electronic components
Appendix B Tips & Tricks
Appendix C Take a look at this

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10001 555C++, Practical handbook for electronics constructors (printed, CZ) 18
10002e 555C++, E-book in PDF with bonuses in ZIP archive (CZ) 21
10003 555C++, Set of printed & electronic (PDF) version with bonuses in ZIP archive (CZ) 35

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